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Henrik Bechmann henrik.bechmann at sympatico.ca
Thu Apr 24 12:21:11 CDT 2008

The options are written into the GET url with forms -- see


Note that I have request=1 in

(:pagelist list=sitemap fmt=#sitemap name={$DefaultName} request=1:)

which causes any url query parameters to over-ride pagelist arguments 
(namely the "name= field")

Then in Site.SiteMap.php I have


global $FmtPV,$SearchPatterns;
$FmtPV['$PageCreatedDate'] = 'strftime("%B %d, %Y", $page["ctime"])';
$FmtPV['$PageModifiedDate'] = 'strftime("%B %d, %Y", $page["time"])';
$FmtPV['$SiteName'] = '$GLOBALS["CustomHeaderTitle"]';
if (!$sitemapoption) $sitemapoption='folders';
switch ($sitemapoption) {
    case 'folders': $maptitle='Listing of Folders' ; break;
    case 'changedpages': $maptitle= 'Listing by Changed Pages'; break;
    case 'newpages': $maptitle='Listing by New Pages' ; break;
    case 'allpages': $maptitle='All Pages'; break;
$FmtPV['$SiteMapHeading'] = "'" . $maptitle . "'";


to set the Page Variables I use in the site map.

- Henrik

pmwiki at 911networks.com wrote:
> After  following the thread on sorting the tables, I went to your website,
> and saw:
> http://testwebsite.bechmann.ca/wiki/wiki.php/Site.SiteMap?sitemapoption=folders&name=FrontPage
> for the sitemap. How do you do the sitemap options?


Henrik Bechmann
Webmaster, www.dufferinpark.ca

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