[pmwiki-users] Custom markup - where to begin?

Jan Erik Moström lists at mostrom.pp.se
Fri Apr 25 16:11:26 CDT 2008

I'm playing with the idea of creating a custom markup, short

I'm using Aperture to manage my picture and have an applescript that
exports two different sized versions of the same image and sends them
to a server. The script also generates a custom tag looking like this


I use this tag when I want to generate the CSS/HTML to display 
the picture the way I want (varies depending on web site).

I thought it would be a nice exercise in PHP and extending 
pmwiki trying to write something that allowed me to insert 
something like the text above in a page and have pmwiki generate 
the HTML when the page is displayed.

But I don't really know how to do this, I looked at 
PmWiki.CustomMarkup but it seem to be limited to one regexp and 
I need to do a few more thing to generate the markup. So I 
assume that I need to write a "plugin" to do this and so ... I 
finally come to my question:

+   Is a plugin the correct way to do this?

+   Where can I find the documentation for how to write one? I 
tried finding
     something but apparently didn't manage to find it.

Jan Erik Moström, www.mostrom.pp.se

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