[pmwiki-users] Unit testing pmwiki markup code

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		I agree, test-driven development rules!
		I didn't realize that php was truly object oriented. It sounds like  
		you are using phpunit to assert the correctness of php functions.  
		That's great for recipe developers.
		But I don't know php - I write pmwiki markup. I want to assert that my  
		pages look and behave the way that I expect whenever I make changes to  
		my config.php, install new recipes, change my pmwiki markup, etc.
		Are you using phpunit to test the correctness of served pages, or just  
		the correctness of output from php functions?
		On Apr 25, 2008, at 3:51 AM, marc wrote:
		> phpunit isn't that good, but if you write object oriented code, then
		> it's not hard to write a small reflection object that will do the  
		> basic
		> asserts for you.
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