[pmwiki-users] custom markup problem

noskule noskule at gmx.net
Mon Apr 28 03:36:21 CDT 2008

hi list
I have a problem with a cutom markup. If I put a div directive into the 
contentbox markup the style definition of the div is messed up:
instead of the whole definition.
Does anyone have an idea what's the problem?
thanks for any hints

(:contentbox title="Page Form Elements"  style="float:left":)
(:div style="height:200px; background:yellow;overflow:auto":)
(:pagelist list=all group=PageFormElements name=-HomePage fmt=#title:)

<div class='contentboxframe' style='float:left'><span class='boxhead'>Page Form Elements</span>
<div class='contentbox'>
<div style='\"height:200px;' >
<div class='fpltemplate'><ul><li><a class='wikilink' href='http://netstreams.org/projekt/cms/index.php/PageFormElements/AccessCode'>Access Code</a>

</li><li><a class='wikilink' href='http://netstreams.org/projekt/cms/index.php/PageFormElements/Author'>Author</a>


Markup('contentbox', 'directives', 
  "MakeContentbox(\$pagename, ParseArgs(PSS('$1')), '$2')");

function MakeContentbox($pagename, $args, $content) {
    $title = $args['title'];
    $style = $args['style'];
    if ( $style != '' ) $style = "style='$style'";
    $out = "<div class='contentboxframe' $style><span 
<div class='contentbox'>\n
    return $out;

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