[pmwiki-users] PITS or other bug tracker in 2.2.0-beta65

marcus prima at wordit.com
Tue Apr 29 08:34:34 CDT 2008

Hi All,

I just tried PITS in 2.2.0-beta65 and the markup is not recognised. I 
copied PIT.php to local/ and when that didn't work I copied it to 
cookbook/ and included it in the config.

Is there a workaround for PITS in the current version?
If not, which bug/issue tracker might work?
I'm not sure whether to test Wiki Forms, it looks more complex to setup 
and I don't know whether it works with 2.2.0-beta65 either. I hoped PITS 
would be an easy drop-in solution.

We'd like to use pmwiki for a small Linux distro's website and the issue 
tracking. (This is a separate project to my interest in a more complex 
helpdesk app posted yesterday.)



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