[pmwiki-users] Another scripting question - urls

Jan Erik Moström lists at mostrom.pp.se
Tue Apr 29 15:14:03 CDT 2008

I'm considering moving a site to pmwiki but have a lot of pages 
written using Markdown (and I much prefer writing in Markdown) 
but I would like to be able to quickly do links to other pages. 
I would be pretty satisfied with writing something like this


I'm using 
<http://www.pmwiki.org/wiki/Cookbook/MarkdownMarkupExtension> to 
make the translation and my idea was to simple do a 
search/replace for links like those above and replace that with

         <a href="XXXX/Group/Page">linktext</a>

before passing it to the Markdown interpreter. Yes, I know a 
quick hack but it would work ... I think.

Anyway, my problem is the "XXXX" part. Right now I have started 
to add content to the wiki locally on my laptop and later I will 
move it to some other server -- so it seem to be a pretty stupid 
idea to hardcode it.

But pmwiki already seem to be able to handle it, since it makes 
the correct XXXX depending on where I have my site, if I use 
clean URLs etc. So I assume it's possible to get the correct 
XXXX from somewhere ... but I can't find where I get this info. 
Is my guess correct and if so where do I find this info?

Jan Erik Moström, www.mostrom.pp.se

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