[pmwiki-users] appending formtitle for wikiforms and also possible title directive bug?

david roundell roundelld at hotmail.com
Tue Dec 16 15:18:11 CST 2008

2 questions about formtitle and also wikiforms using the (:title:) directive:
i'm using formtitle and [[?title]] to refer to a page, for example, 
in the form of http://mydomain/index.php?n=Main.Abc123?title=Servername
this displays the entry for 'Servername' which resides, for example on Main.00050.
a question has been asked whether it would be possible to expand the url to not show the server in a wikiform
but to go directly to the content held on Main.00050. The user wouldn't necessarily know they are visiting a 
numeric page rather the entry for 'Servername'. is there a way to expand the url to take the user directly to the
page (preferably in view mode)? i've searched but none of the page actions appear to work. is there a page action
of expand (for example?)
secondly, using (:title:) is invaluable to identify servernames for my purpose, users do not appreciate numerics! however, i find that on re-editing existing entries the title field is all messed up (although saves perfectly fine). it displays
:title Servername:):Title:Servername
in the text box when in edit mode. (Servername being the example title name)
In normal use the user would be browsing entries but i was wondering if there was a bug in the title directive to 
cause it to display in this way? the form is being used at work using i.e 6 - i dont have any control over changing this!
thanks for any help!
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