[pmwiki-users] Fox / ShoutBox - integrate the feature in xmlrpc

Stéphane Heckel hsteph at club-internet.fr
Wed Dec 17 07:09:50 CST 2008

Hi Hans,

I would like to integrate Fox/ShoutBox's feature in the xmlrpc server (see 
my post regarding ShoutBox - 1st Dec).
I did similar things for other functions already, ...
not sure how Fox works "inside" and how to reintegrate Fox's features in a 

Idea is to have the following function being called from a desktop 
application via xmlrpc.
End user provides the target page to update  (ie : ShoutBox.Content) and the 
shout message string to be added on the target, ...

function xmlWriteShoutBox($params) {
   $pagename contains the name of the target, ie :  ShoutBox.Content
   $shoutmessage contains the new message

   $content=???? (content must be $pagename's updated with the new 

return BloggerXMLRPC::PostWikiPage($pagename, $content, $publish, true);

$content should be initialized with $pagename's content and updated with 
I don't know which Fox function to reuse, ... even don't know if Fox can be 
reused this way ?

Thanks in advance for your help,


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