[pmwiki-users] Fox / ShoutBox - integrate the feature in xmlrpc

Stéphane Heckel hsteph at club-internet.fr
Wed Dec 17 08:50:41 CST 2008

"Hans" wrote :

> I do not understand what XML-RPC  is or should achieve.

this is the description

> Is this a different form of interaction with a website than filling a
> form and submitting it? What does a user do?

Exact !
Mainly used by desktop applications (ie, Blog, Live Writer...) to 
"monitor/pilot" the backend (here pmwki)
I have added some functions already to the xmlrpc server to ie :
- write PTV on a wiki page
- execute "MarkupExpression" and return result as a text string to be reused 
in the desktop application

> To see if any of the functions you find in fox.php can be used
> independently from other scripts (out of context of Fox's processing)
> you would need to study the function in detail. There is no general
> way of saying what might be possible. But generally I think it will
> be very tricky.

I don't want to rewrite what Fox is doing very well, ...
What I would like to reuse (or simulate) is the following  (formating & 
writting a new message in a target page)
(:foxtemplate "'''[[{$PageAuthId}|{$AuthId}]]''': {$$shout} - [-''{(ftime 
fmt="%d/%m %H:%M")}''-] [[<<]]":)

I understand that Fox is more like an "engine", right ? and has not been 
designed to be reused in such (client/server) context ?


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