[pmwiki-users] Modifying lightbox script

Jan Erik Moström lists at mostrom.pp.se
Fri Dec 26 17:36:49 CST 2008

Petko Yotov <5ko at 5ko.fr> 08-12-27 00.08

>Would it be possible to tell us exactly which "lightbox 
>implementation" are you using??

Lightbox 2, I'm not using any recipe but instead I'm trying to 
figure out how to do this myself.

>If you provide a link to your wiki pages, and a brief description of
>your current configuration, this might speed up the diagnosis and the

The wiki isn't up and running except on my laptop.

The think I wonder about is in the javascript files there are 
some references to images, typically something like this

  fileLoadingImage:        'images/loading.gif'

What I wonder is how to best handle these paths. I can of course 
hard code the path in the source code but I assume there is a 
better way to do it?

Jan Erik Moström

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