[pmwiki-users] Retain markup expressions inside input and textareas

DaveG pmwiki at solidgone.com
Sat Dec 27 21:23:09 CST 2008

DaveG wrote:
> Docs and code suggest that $PmFormPostPatterns is used as the basis for 
> text replacement in PmForms. However, setting in config.php:
>     $PmFormPostPatterns = array();
> Causes all text beyond the closing :) to be stripped.
At the risk of talking to myself, it looks like the problem is that form 
variables are stored in the form:

Thus, if something is stored containing markup of the form (:markup:) 
the form processor thinks it's got to the markup representing the end of 
the variable value, the :).

Which is pretty frustrating, since I just spent the last three days 
working on a cookbook, thinking I could store any text in a form 
variable. Checking the code, I don't see an easy way to store markup 
type text using pmwiki forms. Is there perhaps some way to capture the 
text using a form, but send the entry to a page for storage; although 
then I'm not sure I could pull the page content back into the entry form 
  using PmForms.

Any ideas?

  ~ ~ Dave

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