[pmwiki-users] Admin password not recognized for FoxConfig

Randy randy at brownragfilms.com
Sat Feb 2 18:36:27 CST 2008

A conditional statement in my local configuration file seems to cause  
PmWiki to "forget" that I'm the admin for the page Site.FoxConfig.

1) I installed captcha.php, and set $EnablePostCaptchaRequired to true  
for MyGroup.MyPage:

$page = PageVar($pagename, '$FullName');
if ((! CondAuth($pagename,'edit')) && ($page=='MyGroup.MyPage')) {
     $EnablePostCaptchaRequired = true;

2) I logged in as admin and could see from my sidebar that PmWiki  
recognized me as such.
3) I went to edit a page that only the admin can edit. No problems  
4) I went to edit Site.FoxConfig. Despite being logged in as admin, I  
was prompted for a password! My admin password did not let me in! The  
sidebar indicates I'm logged in as an authorized user (I'm using the  
AuthUser recipe), but not as admin. It seems to have demoted me for  
that page.
5) If I go to another page, it recognizes me as admin again.
5) When I remove the above code from config.php, all is well again.
6) My tests suggest the problem occurs with the conditional. I can use  
captcha without a problem.

Anybody have any ideas about what might be causing this?


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