[pmwiki-users] long lines not word-wrapping

DaveG pmwiki at solidgone.com
Thu Feb 7 12:45:06 CST 2008

> Is it perhaps a skin issue?  On my own site I’m using triad (with or 
> without the right-bar) and I know I don’t have that problem…
It happens because of the way the PRE tag is defined as being 
non-wrapping. When there is a long line contained in PRE tags (check out 
under the Examples heading), the width of the page expands to 
accommodate the non-wrapped PRE, which causes all other paragraphs to 
appear 'too wide'. In fact they aren't too wide -- they simply expand to 
fill the now wider than normal page.

Some skins manage this by redefining the PRE and CODE tags to either 
allow wrapping, or to incorporate scrollbars around PRE content. Check 
out Blix (http://www.pmwiki.org/wiki/Cookbook/Blix) for some examples.

  ~ ~ Dave

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