[pmwiki-users] $SpaceWikiWords Usage

Max Pfleger max6166 at hotmail.com
Thu Feb 7 15:30:31 CST 2008

I have added "$SpaceWikiWords = 1;" to my config.php.

My understanding is that this should space out any WikiWords within the 
page, so that "WikiWords", for example, would display as "Wiki Words".

When I look at my pages, however, it seems that only the page title is 
being formatted with spaces. WikiWords within the body are still 
displayed as CamelCase.

So "ExampleWord" and "[[ExampleWord]]" are still displayed as 
"ExampleWord", whereas I think they are supposed to be displayed as 
"Example Word" when this feature is enabled.

It does seem to be working with the page title, however, which does 
change whenever I add or remove "$SpaceWikiWords = 1;" from my config file.

I also tried adding (:spacewikiwords:) directly to the page with the 
exact same result.

Any insight would be appreciated.


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