[pmwiki-users] Email notification squelch failure

Randy randy at brownragfilms.com
Sat Feb 9 18:00:15 CST 2008

What are the possible causes of squelch failure in PmWiki's email  

Can a change in squelch configuration sometimes have a delay in taking  
effect, even though changing the notification email address (in the  
same line) took effect immediately?

I have two test installations. One has PmWiki beta-63 with many  
recipes installed. The other has PmWiki beta-65 with only a couple of  
recipes installed.

In both installations I have $EnableNotify=1, and nothing specified  
for squelch.

In SiteAdmin.NotifyList, I specify:
notify=randy at mywebsite.com name=MyGroup.MyPage squelch=120

First failure: I notice that when I set squelch=0 in either  
installation, I don't get any email notifications.

Second failure: When I set squelch=120, I immediately get squelching  
for 2 minutes as expected in the bare bones beta-65 installation, but  
in my other installation emails come right away - i.e. squelch fails.

Third failure: When I omit squelch entirely, to rely on PmWiki's  
default squelch value of 3 hours, again the beta-63 installation  
continues to send emails right away.

It doesn't help if I use trail=, or specify a different default  
$NotifySquelch in config.php.

Any thoughts about what might cause squelch failure?



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