[pmwiki-users] Adobe AIR/Flex

Stéphane Heckel hsteph at club-internet.fr
Mon Feb 11 09:31:08 CST 2008

"Stéphane Heckel" wrota :

> Hi List, ...
> Just wondering how such technology could be used to create sophisticated 
> admin GUI on top of pmwiki ? or encapsulate the page creation process or 
> blog edition ... etc ?

I should mention that a client/server prototype exists to publish 'news' 
using Balu's blog template.
Screenshot here : 

Idea is to give this easy interface to people who are not capable to 
manipulate the wiki itself and accelerate wiki's adoption.
Page is then ftped to pmwiki and imported using the 'import' cookbook, ...

Input welcome


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