[pmwiki-users] RFC: URL Notepad

DaveG pmwiki at solidgone.com
Mon Feb 11 18:31:59 CST 2008

I'm looking for additional ideas, and thoughts around a mechanism I use 
to track URLs. Any thoughts around implementation approaches would also 
be welcome. (I appreciate there are on-line tools that do similar things 
-- having something as part of my existing notes system has a number of 
advantages for me.)

== Current Use Case
In order to keep track of interesting articles that I come across on the 
web, I send myself an email. The subject of the email will be a number 
of words that I use as an index, prefixed by "URL: "; the body of the 
email contains the URL (usually 1, very occasionally a list of URLs).

Then on my client I've defined a filter to move all emails with a 
subject starting with "URL: " into a folder. That's it. I can now find 
the URL's later with a simply subject line search.

== Current Challenges
What this doesn't get me is immediate visibility into URL's I haven't 
remembered to look at; nor do I get to categorize the URL's by Research, 
Reference, etc (although I could do this with additional subject words, 
and filters). But mainly I don't have an online store for reference away 
from my desk.

== New Use Case
So, what I'd like to be able to do is something like the following:
- click a bookmarklet in my browser
- enter 1 or more separated index terms
- enter one or more 'tags' (todo, urgent, reference, etc.) -- although 
my feeling is that these are simply the same as the index terms above
- enter 1 (maybe more) URL
- have this info prefixed into a single wiki page [1]

=== Using the URL lists
- at some point after storing the link edit the link page and add 
comments/notes or a reference to a notes wiki page.
- use pagelists to get a list of all URL's with specific index terms
- use categories to get a list of all URL's with specific index terms

== Wiki Page Format
Here's how I envision the format of of the page, but I'm open to 
[[url | index terms]]: notes/comments

== Security
For now, I'm not too concerned with security -- although if anyone has 
ideas around this please share. Currently my entire wiki is read 
protected using PmWiki's basic built-in security.

[1] Although I'm not set on one page, I don't see any immediate benefits 
to multi-pages. My initial thought was to have a single page for all 
links. In deciding this I was assuming I could use a pagelist to extract 
relevant lines within a page. I don't think this is possible though, in 
which case we'd need to store one URL set per page.

Again, I'm not looking for some one to do this, more to get some 
external thoughts around the idea, and some thoughts on implementation 

Oh, and thanks for getting all the way down here!

  ~ ~ Dave

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