[pmwiki-users] MySQL and Notify?

marc gmane at auxbuss.com
Fri Feb 15 05:18:47 CST 2008

In article <47B3F108.3010104 at pooq.com>, sti at pooq.com says...
> I've been asked to put up a simple volunteering form on a PmWiki
> website. They would like the results from the form to be stored in a
> MySQL database, and a copy of the data emailed to the person in charge
> of volunteers.
> I know of recipes to store form data in a database, and ones to mail
> results to someone, but what's the best way to do both?
> Use a database recipe and some variation of Notify perhaps? Will they
> even play nice together?
> Any suggestions would be helpful, although I should mention that I'm not
> interested in using Zap. The learning curve for getting MySQL working is
> already steep enough (I've never used it before), so I don't want to add
> to the difficulty.

I found the easiest way to do this was to write my own recipe. I kept it 
"simple" by using AdoDB and its active record feature - thus each table 
is an object. If you are not doing anything fancy with your tables, then 
building a recipe to simply do CRUD is not at all onerous.

(I would have developed this into a general recipe, but the sentiment 
when I was building it was not to use objects with db access. The design 
hinges on creating a db object on connection.)

It might be fun to create a PmWiki on Rails example of how to do this 
for a couple of tables.

I used phpmailer for email, although you could use notify for this, or 
wrap phpmailer in a recipe.


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