[pmwiki-users] MySQL and Notify?

Ben Stallings ben at interdependentweb.com
Sat Feb 16 14:00:21 CST 2008

Hans wrote:
> Does it matter for DataQuery what the PTV Syntax is, or can be a PTV
> of any Syntax a db field?
> apart from the three standards
> (:HiddenPTV:value:)
> : DefListPTV : value
> SpecialListPTV: value
> I also use
> (::HiddenSpecialPTV:
> multiple
> lines
> value
> :))
> and
> [[#PTVSection]]
> multiple
> line
> text
> [[#PTVSectionend]]

DataQuery's DataStore::write() function (which parses page text 
variables and sends them to a database record) uses the same global 
variable and nearly the same code as does PmWiki's PageTextVar() 
function, so it should be able to handle any PTV markup that PmWiki can 
understand.  Again, though, I haven't tested it with anything but ZAP.

On the other hand, the DataStore::read() function (which presents a 
record retrieved from a database as page text variables) uses only one 
markup (the one used by ZAP), (:HiddenPTV:value:)

In my experience that markup works just fine for multiple-line values as 
well as single-line values, so I'm not sure why you have a separate 
markup for multiple lines.  If there is some reason to use different 
markup, the place to intervene would be the $fore and $aft variables at 
the end of the DataStore::read() function.

I'm eager to know whether DataQuery works with Fox -- that would 
certainly expand its utility!  I regret that I don't have the time right 
now to do the testing, because most of my energy is going into Drupal 
these days.

--Ben S. (headed for DrupalCon in Boston in two weeks!)

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