[pmwiki-users] DataQuery and DataPlates

Hans design5 at softflow.co.uk
Sun Feb 17 10:37:47 CST 2008

Hello Ben,

I was encouraged by your answer in thread "MySQL and Notify?"
to see how Fox can be used with DataQuery.

I included in config.php dataquery before fox.

I ended up starting a modified DataPlates script for Fox, lets call it
FoxDataPlates. This is now half working, testing on a single table
database. But there are some puzzles, which perhaps you got an idea
about what is going wrong.

1. I can create  new pages in the "query" group, and edit existing ones.
   But when I first save a new page, the fields and contents are shown,
   but also an error message at the bottom, like:

       The page "Address.2" doesn't exist. (Create Address.2)

   Clearly the page was created, and reloading the page will show it just
   fine. So why this error?

2. It is also peculiar how the first field in the table behaves:
   If I fail to enter anything in this first field when creating a
   page, then the page shows blank. If I enter something the page
   shows fine, but if I go to the query HomePage and look at the list,
   the first column is shown empty (even though there are values).
   What is going on here?

3. I am having a tough time figuring out the code for the (group)
   EditForm. With code like

          "(:input text $name '{*\$:$name}' :) "

   the {*\$:$name} does not get resolved to the value of the ptv field.

   I had to add an array to get the ptvs :

      $ptv = DQReadPageTextVars('$DQgroup.$DQname');

   and then to get the values into the input fields use

       "(:input text $name '{$ptv[$name]}' :) "

   I don't know if this will lead to other problem, or will work with all
   input controls.

4. On page DataQuery.DataQuery what shall the first form do exactly?
   (Checking queries to be used)

5. On the same page I can now create a new query 'New' (opening a new page
   DataQuery.New), but after clicking Save I seem to have it saved,
   but then trying to create a new page in the New query group results
   in a normal page edit, and the page is not in the database
   pagestore, but in wiki.d. So creating new queries this way is
   failing. Or do I need to create a db table first, using an external
   tool like phpMyAdmin?

6. I used phpMyAdmin to create the test db. But it shows only one
   record if I browse the one table in the db. So perhaps I missed out
   something in the setup?

I appreciate very much if you or anyone else can give me some
hints. I am not familiar with working with databases, sopleae forgive
if I make some blatant errors!


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