[pmwiki-users] question regarding pmwiki: expanding menu in sidebar

Hans design5 at softflow.co.uk
Mon Feb 18 16:50:21 CST 2008

I forward the following to the user list from Thomas, who says he is
reading the user list but is unable to post himself.  - Hans

Hi there!

I'm planning on doing a Page about different kinds of tea.. however, I'm
really having difficulties with expanding menus in my sidebar. I want to
have a + in front of the "main" header (in this case Tea), however the
"ExpandingMenu2"-cookbook doesn't seem to work with %sidehead%, as all it
does is it puts the + in the line BEFORE the main header, which looks pretty
Now for the "Chris Tea" line, it does correctly show a + in front of it and
then expands the "Test Tea" line with ** in front of it.. however it doesn't
quite work that way for %sidehead%.

I had a look into the emenu2.php, but don't really know where to edit it
there so that %sidehead% would be valid to use and it would correctly show a
+ in front of the "Tea". Also i played arount with the (:emenu2:) and tried
to put it into different places, like after the header, after the %sidehead%
and so on, didn't really work.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!

Agimar / Thomas

The example I used:

%sidehead% [[Teeblatt/Tea]]
* [[Teeblatt/Black Tea]]
* [[Teeblatt/Green Tea]]
* [[Teeblatt/Chris Tea | Christmas Tea]]
** [[Teeblatt/Test Tea]]
* [[Teeblatt/Herbs Tea | Herbs Tea]
* [[Teeblatt/Bio Tea]]

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