[pmwiki-users] Single-quote bug - more information

Norma J Dowell njd at mchsi.com
Tue Feb 19 19:51:11 CST 2008

By request I am adding information about our Wiki setup.  Jon, if you can
add anything else from your vantage point it would help?  Forgive me for not
knowing a lot about this.I did not set up the machine to begin with and am
troubleshooting problems now.


We are running Red Hat Enterprise Linux WS release 4 (Nahant Update 6) with
PHP 4, Apache 2.  

OpenLDAP to our main server which picks up NetID's and passwords from the

The server it goes to is a virtual server setup recently (but this problem
existed before we changes servers)

I do not know what other recipes are running on the wiki other than I know
"Creole" was added (since I did not set it up, I do not know what the "base"
package looks like).  We have disabled Creole and still get the same result
(see below).


The Problem:

When a single-quote is put into a page for emphasis and "Save" is clicked,
two single-quotes now appear.

Click save again, now there are four single-quotes.

Click save yet another time, now there are 8 single-quotes

Click again?  Now there are 16 single-quotes.and on and on.


Any ideas what might be the problem here?  Could upgrades in PHP make this

Has anyone tried a new edit package that caused this?


Any help would be fabulous!


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