[pmwiki-users] Links to non-existent pages

Sameer Kumar skumar at eharch.com
Thu Feb 21 15:48:59 CST 2008



If you want links to non-existent pages to link to the page, but without

the edit action, then add the following to your local/config.php:


  $LinkPageCreateFmt = "<a href='\$PageUrl'>\$LinkText</a>";




Thanks, Kathryn.


That works. However, I have modified it to 

$LinkPageCreateFmt = "<a class='createlinktext'


This allows for any special link decoration for non-existent pages that
Pmwiki provides.


There still remains one benefit of the method described under
"Group-Wide Removal". One could have the [[!Category]] links not appear
as non-existent pages. 

As you can see, I want EVERYTHING!!

*         Non-existent pages link to go to avoid the edit page

*         Non-existent pages link to render differently

*         Category links to render 'normally'


Is there any way of achieving this without modifying the pmwiki.php?

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