[pmwiki-users] Further Adventures With Doubled Footers!

DaveG pmwiki at solidgone.com
Fri Feb 22 16:31:23 CST 2008

Firstly, as the creator of the Marinee port, sorry you had so much 
trouble with the skin. Glad we now have a solution -- I'll update the 
skin with a permanent fix (plus others I've done).

> Try to replace every call in the skin for SiteHeader and SiteFooter as shown 
> bellow.
> replace this:
> 		<!--wiki:{$Group}.SiteHeader  {$SiteGroup}.SiteHeader-->
> 		<!--wiki:{$Group}.SiteFooter  {$SiteGroup}.SiteFooter-->
> 		<!--wiki: {$SiteGroup}.SiteHeader-->
> 		<!--wiki: {$SiteGroup}.SiteFooter-->
> with this:
> 		<!--wiki: {$SiteGroup}.{$SkinName}-SiteHeader-->
> 		<!--wiki: {$SiteGroup}.{$SkinName}-SiteFooter-->
> I think this is less confusing and if you want to include other pages or group 
> pages, just edit {$SiteGroup}.{$SkinName}-Site????er and write an (:inlude:) 
> there.
Interesting. I added SiteFooter in there because I saw it in some other 
skins during my learning process. Of course, now I don't remember which 
ones :)

Hans wrote:
> There should really not be any inclusion of Groupfooter or SiteFooter
> and GroupHeader or SiteHeader in a skin template.
> GroupHeader and GroupFooter pages are included in the normal page
> content by PmWiki, not the skin, by the $GroupHeaderFmt and
> $GroupFooterFmt variables (via an (:include  :)  markup).

I didn't realize that. So, as a skin creator, what would a 'standard' 
skin header/footer look like? Simply like this?

	<!--wiki: {$SiteGroup}.{$SkinName}-SiteFooter-->

  ~ ~ Dave

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