[pmwiki-users] Is 'Page Creator' worth to discuss?

Simon nzskiwi at gmail.com
Fri Feb 22 23:20:19 CST 2008

a thoroughly reasoned discussion, a result of which is that I support the
approach of using a page text variable, where the variable is automatically
added to the page when it is saved for the first time (either as a draft or
a final version).

On 23/02/2008, Patrick R. Michaud <pmichaud at pobox.com> wrote:
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> Next, there's a part of me that feels that page text variables may
> be superior to page attributes for keeping track of this sort of
> information.  For example, if pages contain page text directives like
>   (:Creator: Patrick Michaud:)
> then one can use {$:Creator} to get at a page's creator.  We might
> want to add code that automatically adds the (:Creator:...:)
> markup to a page that doesn't already have it, but this could
> be easily done.  Furthermore, any changes in the creator designation
> becomes part of the page's history, which can be useful.  I've already
> decided that I'd like to migrate to using page text variables for
> page titles instead of the special-purpose (:title ...:) directive,
> and I'm wondering if page text variables may make more sense for
> other "attributes" (such as page creator) as well.
> This approach also preserves the potential for indicating multiple
> creators of a page, as in
>   (:Creators: Patrick Michaud, Hagan Fox, and John Rankin:)
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