[pmwiki-users] issue tracker - recommedations

marc gmane at auxbuss.com
Sat Feb 23 04:57:36 CST 2008

DaveG said...
> Jan Erik Moström wrote:
> > I want to set up a issue tracker on personal site. I looked at
> > the cookbook and found three recipes PITS, JITS and Yeats ...
> > should I use one of these (recommendations?) or should I do it
> > in some other way?
> >
> > I'm the only user of this site and the issue tracker is going to
> > be used for software development
> Not using PmWiki, but Trac (http://trac.edgewall.org/) integrates very
> well with Subversion (and other source control systems).

I'll second trac for a s/w development project; but keep in mind you'll 
need python available on your web server.

Other than svn integration, I particularly like the fact that its wiki 
markup allows you reference the ticketing system and repository.

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