[pmwiki-users] Is 'Page Creator' worth to discuss?

marc gmane at auxbuss.com
Sat Feb 23 04:57:39 CST 2008

imoc said...
> In wiki logic, I do understand what Marc concerned. But the 'page creator' 
> is not just for pure wiki collaborating environment. It was asked for a 
> website engine which can be used to build wiki as well as blog and forum. 
> And the logic on authorship in those kinds of website are not that same. 

I agree; and that's why I believe its addition requires a recipe; 
because it's not core functionality.

I understand the thinking behind why some recipes need it - viz. blogs 
and forums - and how much easier it would be if it were available on 
each page, but that's no justification for doing so.

> To add a attribute to a page is not that difficult as all of you have 
> said. And the admin can decide whether he will use it or not.

That's the slippery slope. What's that saying about how every piece of 
software evolves until it contains an email client ;-)

Once the page creator is always available it will start appearing in 
skins. It will be documented and all sorts of bizarre requests will be 
made for its use. Bizarre to those coming to wikis for the first time. 
Hands up those who've never encountered control freak, micro-managing 
"managers"? :-)

> 'Cauthor' is just the same logic as 'ctime'.

But it isn't. 'ctime' cannot be null, while 'cauthor' can be. The age of 
a page can be relied upon as being accurate (and it is immutable), while 
any entry could be placed in 'cauthor'. And, as I noted before, the 
creator of a page cannot be presumed to have anything to do with its 

Given the above, how, as an admin, do I administer 'cauthor'? It's a new 
job. I don't want more work. (One of the rarely mentioned huge benefits 
of PmWiki is how effort-free it is to admin.) Plus, it's a wiki, so 
anyone should be able to correct obviously incorrect or outdated 
information. How do admins manage that task?

It seems to me that the addition of 'cauthor' also breaks 
PmWiki/PmWikiPhilosophy 3 & 5, and possibly 4.

I've just noticed that Patrick has responded, so I'll end this here.


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