[pmwiki-users] Is 'Page Creator' worth to discuss?

marc gmane at auxbuss.com
Sat Feb 23 04:57:38 CST 2008

Sandy said...
> marc wrote:
> > My view on this is that it should not be part of PmWiki's core, but a 
> > recipe for those that really need it - although I think they should 
> > fight it long and hard.
> > 
> > As an aside, the original author can always be derived from action=diff. 
> No, it cannot.

Yes, it can :-P

> The history expires after a time set in config.php.


>From PmWiki/EditVariables

The $DiffKeepDays variable sets the minimum length of time that a page's 
revision history is kept. By default it is set to 3650 days, or a little 
less than ten years. You can change this value in a customization file 
to be something smaller, e.g.: 

        $DiffKeepDays = 30; # keep revisions at least 30 days

Note that a specific page revision isn't removed from the page until the 
first edit after the time specified by $DiffKeepDays has elapsed. Thus, 
it's still possible for some pages to have revisions older than 
$DiffKeepDays ? such revisions will be removed the next time those pages 
are edited.

So, this ought to do it:

  $DiffKeepDays = PHP_INT_MAX;


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