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Peter & Melodye Bowers pbowers at pobox.com
Mon Feb 25 02:52:55 CST 2008

I'm working on a system that tracks books published in the shqip language.
However, many of those involved in publishing (and donors, etc.) prefer to
work in English.  As I categorize the books I'm realizing that I'm ending up
with a parallel system of categories in each language that is going to be
very difficult to keep consistent.


Does anybody have any ideas how to handle a situation like this?  Right now
every piece of information I'm entering is being entered twice so we have
the information in both languages.  If somebody forgets to fill in a field
for one of the languages in most fields that's not a big deal, but if
someone forgets to fill in the category in both languages then all of a
sudden I'm out of sync.  


Maybe some sort of translation table for the category names and then keep
the categories themselves in just one language but use some markup to look
them up and display them in the other?  Seems complicated.


Any help greatly appreciated.



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