[pmwiki-users] adding cookbook script

carlos.ab at gmail.com carlos.ab at gmail.com
Mon Feb 25 05:41:42 CST 2008

Em Domingo 24 Fevereiro 2008 19:17, Patrick R. Michaud escreveu:
> - The configuration files are somewhat sensitive to the order in
>   which things happen -- some scripts have to be loaded early,
>   some late, some variables set early, others late, etc.  So, any
>   sort of configuration utility has to be smart enough to know
>   the order in which certain settings are to take place.
> - If the configuration system is menu/field based, then there
>   needs to be a way for recipes to easily indicate what options
>   they provide.
> - Given the incredibly huge number of configuration possibilities
>   for PmWiki, the admin interface needs to be well organized into
>   separate subsections.  In other words, I don't think it's workable
>   to provide all configuration options on a single page.

Had an idea, I don't know if you have thought about it this way, but here it 

- A fictional name for a recipe, it will be 'Xrecipe'.

- We need to define group name to create wiki pages and recipe configuration 
scripts, for now the name will be 'AdminConfig'.

- A folder has to be named to store all recipe configuration generated by the 
recipe configuration scripts, for now it will be 'config'.

- A recipe will know when to include it's own config (early|late).

- The order that each recipe has to be loaded is made in to a community recipe 
that will be edited/maintained by all recipe writers and will tell the user 
wich recipe loading order will not give him any trouble.

- A recipe will need to have this structure:

      - A wiki page with input forms for configuration in

      - A file with all the restrictions for user input in

So in the end we have:

+ cookbook/
 |          Xrecipe.php
+ local/
 |         AdminConfig.Xrecipe.php
+ wikilib.d/
 |         AdminConfig.Xrecipe

That is it.


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