[pmwiki-users] content refused

jdd jdd at dodin.org
Mon Feb 25 15:30:27 CST 2008

marc a écrit :

>> on what file? can you elaborate a bit on these settings, I don't want
>> to have problems with my server :-))
> They are in php.ini
> The memory limit shouldn't be a problem, but I think it defaults to 8Mb
> in PHP4 and 128Mb in PHP5.
> In the PHP manual see:
>   Regular Expression Functions (Perl-Compatible)
> The two pcre settings are PHP5-only, I think.
ok, I will try it.memory limit is 16Mo

but a look in apache logs gives:

[Mon Feb 25 21:20:54 2008] [error] [client] ALERT - 
configured request variable value length limit exceeded - dropped 
variable 'text' (attacker '', file 
'/home/www/htdocs/wiki/pmwiki.php'), referer: 


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