[pmwiki-users] using page text variables

Sameer Kumar skumar at eharch.com
Mon Feb 25 18:11:12 CST 2008

For the Intranet wiki that I am developing, I am thinking of a special
user group: the Editors. They would work like the Wikipedia editors and
will maintain day-to-day wiki tasks, clean-up pages, manage categories


I would like to develop a method for the editors to sort pages that have
been recently modified from those that have already been checked by some
other editor. For this, I am thinking of adding two hidden Page Text
Variables {$:Checkedby} which is the editor authid and {$:Checkedon:},
which is the date and time of checking.


I want to then use these PTVs in Pagelists and sort pages by either of
the two. I have two questions regarding this:


*         '~~~~' inserts both, author name and time&date in the page
text. Is there some way of inserting only the time&date which I can use
as a value for {$:Checkedon}?


*         I would like to have a 'button' on the edit form (visible only
to the editors) which would plug these two PTVs at the very bottom of
the text. How should I go about coding such a button?


As always, all help is greatly appreciated.

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