[pmwiki-users] overwriting variables

noskule noskule at gmx.net
Tue Feb 26 05:28:12 CST 2008

hi list
I try to switch on/off skinsections via ptv's. So I did this script

I want to check the status of the variables in the listed three pages. 
The later checked variable should overwrite the previaous value in the order
1) site config
2) group config
2) page config

the script below don't work only if I use one page but not all. Could 
anyone tell me how this is made correctly?
$SiteHeader = PageTextVar($skinsectionconfig_site,'siteheader');
$SiteHeader = PageTextVar($skinsectionconfig_group,'siteheader');
$SiteHeader = PageTextVar($skinsectionconfig_page,'siteheader');

if ( $SiteHeader ) {

grz nos

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