[pmwiki-users] Cannot remove deleted pages from server

Peter & Melodye Bowers pbowers at pobox.com
Thu Feb 28 10:11:58 CST 2008

If you delete files via WikiSh with {(rm -f page[s])} the -f indicates that
a FULL removal should be done, including the *,del-datestamp file.


Use with care - obviously a "sharp tool" has potential for significant good
AND significant damage.


Your problem (if I understand correctly), though, sounds like you can't
delete the files via (what? ftp? Shell?) and so that sounds like either a
permissions problem or some corruption.





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Any page that I delete from the wiki.d folder remains in the folder & is
proving impossible to remove from the server. Clicking on the deleted file
(which have names such as, wiki.d/.Test,del-1186165417) comes up with "file
does not exist") Deleting the wiki.d folder merely results in a list of
deleted pages remaining. Is there anyway to get rid of these files?


Thanks, Alan.

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