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Sameer Kumar skumar at eharch.com
Fri Feb 29 09:38:43 CST 2008



>    There still remains one benefit of the method described under

>    Removal". One could have the [[!Category]] links not appear as

>    non-existent pages.


>    As you can see, I want EVERYTHING!!


>    .         Non-existent pages link to go to avoid the edit page

>    .         Non-existent pages link to render differently

>    .         Category links to render `normally'


>    Is there any way of achieving this without modifying the


At least in the PmWiki default, category links already display 

as 'normal' links, even if the corresponding page doesn't exist.

If that's not happening on your system, the a default must have

been changed somewhere.



I have finally found what was preventing my Category Links to not render
correctly. It is the Mediacat-2.0 recipe.


I have noticed that the default html for category links looks like this:


<p><a class='categorylink'


While with Mediacat-2.0.php enabled, it looks like this:


<div class='category'> Categories: <a class='createlinktext'


Which explains why the category link texts render as if the pages did
not exist... 


I would like to continue using the mediacat-2.0 recipe but render the
category links correctly. Can the recipe be modified to avoid this
problem? I wouldn't know where to start.


However, the answer to your last question is 'yes':  The

variable defines how category links are displayed -- it simply

uses the same format as the other variables such as $LinkPageCreateFmt,

$LinkPageExistsFmt, etc.




Could $LinkCategoryFmt be able to solve the above problem? I have tried
to find documentation on it without luck. Could you explain it a little


Thanks a lot!


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