[pmwiki-users] Requesting suggests for status reporting function

gary garcia gary.garcia1 at gmail.com
Fri Jan 11 17:22:31 CST 2008

I have been using PmWiki as my personal notebook at work. Now one of my
bosses wants me to setup a wiki for status reporting. I am looking for
suggestions on how to start e.g. Fox forms (which ones), things to lookout
for etc....

The workflow that my boss wants is as follows:
1) all his direct reports would have a page with several forms for inputting
    e.g. problems, successes, issues ...
2) The boss would issue a command that would copy this data to another form
where he would edit (filter) their reports creating a summary report for the
bosses's boss

For the lower level reports (step 1) the users should not have to know wiki
For the summary report wiki syntax is okay but not optimal

basically we have about four layers of management and every two weeks status
reports filter up this chain. Some use Word, some email, all in different

Which forms recipe should I use, and then what options do I have for copying
forms to summary forms etc...
Ideally the users would not need to know any wiki syntax


gary garcia
gary.garcia1 at gmail.com
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