[pmwiki-users] GlossyHue Site Level Pages

DaveG pmwiki at solidgone.com
Thu Jan 17 12:21:05 CST 2008

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On Thu, 17 Jan 2008 10:34:25 -0600, Steven J Brady <sbrady at usgs.gov> wrote:

    I'm trying to override the Site.GlossyHue-SiteHeader, Nav, and Footer
but can't seem to get the syntax or locations correct. Here is what I
tried: 1. Updated Site-GlossyHue-SiteHeader to contain: (:if true:) (:div
class="description":)Edit [[{$Group}.{$SkinName}-SiteHeader |
{$Group}.{$SkinName}-SiteHeader]] to change the header. (:divend:)

By changing this file, you're changing the header for the whole site.
Simply change the text between appropriate sections. The (:if true:) will
either show or hide that section of the header. So you can use that to turn
in/off a logo for instance. You can selectively uncomment each block below
to expose either the logo, or to hide the description text. Here's what you
might use: (:if true:) (:div class="sitelogo":)URL-TO-YOUR-ICON.gif
(:divend:) (:ifend:) (:div class="sitetitle":)[[Main/HomePage | My Site
Header]] (:divend:) (:if true:) (:div class="description":)My new SITE
level header text (:divend:) (:ifend:)

    2. I created the Group.GlossyHue-SiteHeader file. But, when I access
the group page the link is still pointing to Site.GlossyHueHeader. Seems
like it just ignores the $Group variable. 

Create a new page, GlossyHue-SiteHeader in the groups in which you want to
override the site level header. Thus, MyGroup.GlossyHue-SiteHeader -- you
can copy/paste the content from the Site level header, and change the
content appropriately. Thus: (:if false:) (:div
class="sitelogo":)URL-TO-YOUR-GROUP-ICON.gif (:divend:) (:ifend:) (:div
class="sitetitle":)[[Main/HomePage | My Site Header]] (:divend:) (:if
true:) (:div class="description":)Some GROUP specific header. (:divend:)
(:ifend:) Hope that helps, ~ ~ David

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