[pmwiki-users] [Help] How to edit page by using Fox? [Solved]

imoc blog.oc at gmail.com
Mon Jan 21 07:33:51 CST 2008

try putting this into the edit form:

|| Title:||(:input text title value='{$Title}' ||


Hi Hans. Thank for the rapid reply. The code seems short of the closing ":)"?
So I put the code like this:

|| Title:||(:input text title value='{$Title}':) ||

Unfortunately that would result the field displaying the title of the template
page, not the target page title. If I changed it like this (note the "*"):

|| Title:||(:input text title value='{*$Title}':) ||

Then it can display the target title in the field correctly. But that's all. 
It does no replace to the target when I edit the title. Can Foxedit edit page


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