[pmwiki-users] changing groups?

Simon nzskiwi at gmail.com
Thu Jul 3 19:09:24 CDT 2008

> If you have access to the wiki.d directory,
> and are not worried about changing all references to the pages,
> then simply change the group folder name (if you have one),
> and then rename all the pages from BBaCommunity.BBaCommunity to
> Community.BBaCommunity, etc,
> (I use Renamer from http://www.den4b.com/ - a fantastic tool).
> Manually you might want to change Community.BBaCommunity to
> Community.Community or Community.HomePage
> hope this helps
>  On 17/06/2008, Nicholas Buttle <nicholas_buttle at yahoo.com> wrote:
>> hi
>> Is it possible to easily change a group name and all it's pages?  so, for
>> example,  the group pmwiki.php?n=BBaCommunity.BBaCommunity changes to
>> pmwiki.php?n=Community.Community and all the pages that belonged to the
>> BBaCommunity group get changed over to the new Community group.
>> TIA
>> Nick
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