[pmwiki-users] Cookbook LinkPageExistsFmtTooltip

noskule noskule at gmx.net
Mon Jul 7 04:00:31 CDT 2008

Hans schrieb:
> Saturday, June 28, 2008, 3:02:48 PM, noskule wrote:
>> ah other way around, tooltips for *images* don't work anymore.
> try this markup instead, I replaced one \\s* with \\s+
> Markup('[[|tt','<[[|',
>  "/(?>\\[\\[([^|\\]]*)\\|\\s*)(.*?)\\s+(\"(.*?)\")?\\s*\\]\\]($SuffixPattern)/e",
>  "Keep(ToolTipLink(\$pagename,PSS('$1'),PSS('$2'),PSS('$4'),'$5'),'L')");
> The only diffference is that you need a space between link text and
> "tooltip":
>     [[Link| text "tooltip"]]
> and for the image tooltip you use no space: image.jpg"tooltip"
>   ~Hans
hi hans
I the regexpr above breaks the layout if after a wikilink follows 
another wikilink with a space at the end of the linkname.

    [[Page|Linkname]] [[Page|Linkname ]]


Do you have an idea how to solve that? I couldn't find a solution.
thanks nos

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