[pmwiki-users] 5 star rating system (Hans)

Doug dougp at ispinn.com
Tue Jul 8 17:10:59 CDT 2008

Very Nice.

A 1-star rating is one star on the left.
A 5-star rating is all stars left-to right.
As the star-ratings get better, they
expand out from left-to-right.

However, all of the radio buttons appear
in the opposite order: Excellent is on the
left, and poor is all the way on the right.
This is opposite a L-to-R standard.

I think this:

   ExcellentO   Very goodO   GoodO   FairO   PoorO

needs to be reversed to this:

   PoorO   Fair O   GoodO   Very goodO   ExcellentO


Doug Parker

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