[pmwiki-users] new (WikiSh) recipe for creating numbered sub-pages

Peter Bowers pbowers at pobox.com
Wed Jul 9 17:48:48 CDT 2008

There may already be another recipe out there that does this, but I couldn't
find it and so put something together.

I needed to place a link on a page which would create a numbered sub-page.
If the page was Group.Mypage then the first sub-page would be
Group.Mypage-01, the second would be Group.Mypage-02, etc.  The link has to
be to the next (as yet nonexistent) page in order to allow it to be
created.  A pagelist elsewhere on the page provides the links to these

(I was actually doing this within wikiforms and placed this code in my
ViewTemplate so that I could easily create and view these sub-pages on any
of the wikiform data pages.)

The recipe is coded in WikiSh and can be found at


Hope it helps someone.  I'd be interested if there's another way to do the
same functionality.

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