[pmwiki-users] OT: anybody done a "tinyurl" replacement??

Neil Herber (nospam) nospam at eton.ca
Thu Jul 10 14:41:19 CDT 2008

I want to add the redirection features of http://tinyurl.com/ to some of 
my password protected wikis. I can't use the "real" tinyurl, because 
that would expose the destination urls to a third party.

I can't find any Pmwiki recipes that seem to fit the bill and I do *not* 
want to use any form of "clean urls" or url rewriting.

Only the wiki admin would be generating new short urls, and there would 
not be that many (absolute max of 100), so I would expect a page that 
had a tabular layout of the form:

shorturl longurl
shorturl2 longurl2

would work just fine.

Can any one point me to a suitable script or recipe? All of the ones I 
have Googled are massive overkill with MySQL databases and .htaccess files.

I suppose I could have one page per url and use (:redirect PageName:), 
but that seems too messy.

All suggestions gratefully received!


Neil Herber
Corporate info at http://www.eton.ca/

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