[pmwiki-users] Form content erased by new captcha

Marcus prima at wordit.com
Thu Jul 10 16:17:33 CDT 2008

I'm having trouble with a simple form. If the user enters a wrong
captcha code, the page is reloaded and a new captcha code generated.
The only real problem is that the form content is lost.

Is there a way to prevent the page reloading a new page and erasing
the form contents?

Here is the markup:

-------------- pmwiki markup -------------

(:title Contact Me:)

(:if false:)
CUFPost is {$CUFPost}\\
CUFSent is {$CUFSent}\\
CUFForm is {$CUFForm}\\
CUFMess is {$CUFMess}

(:if expr {$CUFPost} && !{$CUFSent}:)
!! %red%Nothing sent: {$CUFMess}%%
(:if expr {$CUFPost} && {$CUFSent}:)
!! %green%Your message has been sent to the WebMaster.%%
(:if {$CUFForm}:)
Supply a working email address if you want a reply.
(:input form "{$PageUrl}":)
|| border=0 align=center cellspacing=5
|| Name:||(:input text name=visitor value="{$PVisitor}" size=30:) ||
|| Email:||(:input text name=replyto value="{$PReplyTo}" size=30:) ||
|| (:input textarea name=message rows=7 cols=40:) ||||
||Enter code: {$Captcha} (:input captcha:) (:input submit value="Send
(:input end:)

|| border=0 align=center width=400px

I don't have to use this. I'm open to using another form solution.

What I would like is a larger captcha, and one with open access to
people with poor sight. Like this demo, where I enlarged the text




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