[pmwiki-users] OT: anybody done a "tinyurl" replacement?

Peter Bowers pbowers at pobox.com
Fri Jul 11 00:39:51 CDT 2008

With this in Tiny.List:
and this in Tiny.GroupFooter (all one line):
{(wikish set -s target = "`grep '{*$FullName}:' Tiny.List | sed
's/^.*:://'`"; if test -n "${target}" && test `wc -l - ${target}` -eq
1; then; wikish_form redirect target=${target}; else; echo "Could not
redirect from {$*FullName} to ${target}"; fi)}
My brief tests show that I can go to Tiny.Books and end up at
Alb.BookCatalog and etc.

If you have difficulties with it let me know.  I was not able to
redirect to an external site (i.e., http://www.google.com), but I
haven't taken the time to research whether that is a problem with
WikiSh or whether that is a limitation of the Redirect() function from
core.  I also don't use any CleanUrl recipes or anything so I'm not
sure if that will have an impact or not - just let me know if it
doesn't meet specs and I'll work on it some more.


On Thu, Jul 10, 2008 at 10:21 PM, kirpi at kirpi.it <kirpi at kirpi.it> wrote:
> I am persuaded, somehow, that WikiSh might be of some use, although I
> couldn't deal with it myself.
> What does Peter think...?
> Luigi

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