[pmwiki-users] Semi-automatic user accounts for fox forum -- Htpasswdform

Eemeli Aro eemeli at gmail.com
Fri Jul 11 02:18:45 CDT 2008

2008/7/11 The Editor <editor at fast.st>:
> Actually, ZAP is a pretty simple platform, with a bunch of extension.
> [...] What I've suggested to
> others (for better performance and security both), is to just delete
> or comment out any functions you don't use from the toolbox.

Perhaps, but it's still a generic form processing engine when all I
want is user account administration. And if the toolbox is so modular,
why aren't there 10 different EnableZapToolboxSomething variables that
I could set?

>> Additionally, there are quite a few things that I need that I haven't
>> seen ready solutions for. For example, I want to have
>> <example.com/wiki/SomeUser> resolve to a default profile page for
>> SomeUser that reads a template from somewhere and SomeUser's data from
>> elsewhere. The tricky part (or at least one of them) is the lack of
>> any default group for these profile pages.
> If you could get by with example.com/wiki/Login/SomeUser you could do
> this today in ZAP.

It's actually relatively easy with just the PmWiki core, if you use a
separate group.

> If you can't have the group name (login), surely a line or two in a
> config file could be used to check the page name, and if it matches
> some pattern you simply redirect to the desired page. But using
> Login/SomeUser means you can put a link like [[login.{member}|View
> Profile]] on a page, or the usual ~~.

Can't do the patternmatching since I'm using accounts fo the form
FirstnameLastname which don't provide any common thing to grep for.
And the more difficult part comes from wanting these profile pages
(which I don't want to actually be peppered about the site, but
generated from a single template and a separate data source) to show
up nicely in wiki searches as well as in links; something like
[[FirstnameLastname/|+]] should just work.

The reason for not using a "Users" or "Profiles" group comes from
allowing people to edit their "home pages", which these profile pages
essentially are. As I'm not using a separate group, they can also add
pages under their FirstnameLastname groups and the URLs don't need to

>> Another odd feature that I want is controlled, undoable deletion of
>> other people's user accounts by non-administrators. Most of my sites
>> are internal, and what with the restructuring and changing secretaries
>> and other things, it's not always clear if someone's still an employee
>> or not. And since keeping track of people really isn't my job, I
>> figure I ought to make it possible for anyone to update these details.
> This should be a snap in ZAP. Because their login information is
> embedded in their in-wiki login page,anyone with permission can simply
> delete a login page and the password and all data vanishes instantly.
> Plus you don't have to give them access to any critical site pages or
> config files or the like. And if a page were accidently deleted, you
> could always retrieve it like any other deleted PmWiki page as an
> admin.

Perhaps I wan't clear enough. We have admin A and users B and C. User
C leaves and his account should be removed, but no-one remember to. At
some point user B realises this. I want to give him the ability to do
so without requiring admin approval, while maintaining undoability and
not angering user C if B made a mistake.


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