[pmwiki-users] XHTML of fixflowskin

Peter K.H. Gragert p.k.h.gragert at misc.utwente.nl
Sun Jul 13 02:41:11 CDT 2008

Oh oh what easy, if one understands the philosophy of PmWiki

$HTMLHeaderFmt['XHTML'] = "\n<meta http-equiv=\"Content-Style-Type\"
content=\"text/css\"/>\n<meta http-equiv=\"Content-Script-Type\"


suffices to add in e.g. local/config.php .


Why? The array $HTMLHeaderFmt with all its elements is obeyed .

(I should have guessed this ;-) ).





>using http://www.totalvalidator.com/validator/Validator

I> got zero errors with fixflow ;-) (for my new [own] website: pkhg.nl) 


>BUT I needed to include two META tags
>I did it in robots.php as follows
>  $HTMLHeaderFmt['robots'] =

>    "  <meta name='robots' content='\$MetaRobots' />\n

><meta http-equiv=\"Content-Style-Type\" content=\"text/css\"/>\n

><meta http-equiv=\"Content-Script-Type\" content=\"javascript\"/>";


>Where should those meta tags better be included?


>      PKHG


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