[pmwiki-users] Highlight pagelist search results based on time thresholds

stevecrisp at gmail.com stevecrisp at gmail.com
Sun Jul 13 11:18:21 CDT 2008

Peter, Hans,

Thanks both for your solutions.  I'm having a play with both and think
I might have an issue getting both running correctly.

On yours Peter I get the elseif syntax on Wiki page so perhaps these
things need to be on one line and copy/paste from your email is not
quite good enough.

On yours Hans I get the red background, great, however its on all my
pagelist items.  If I play with the def for $WeekAgo and $MonthAgo
e.g. week I set to one day and month to 5 days they are still all red
(see below from my config.php).

$FmtPV['$ModTime'] = '$page["time"]'; //last modified unix time
$FmtPV['$Now'] = '$GLOBALS["Now"]'; //$Now = unix time now = time()
$FmtPV['$WeekAgo'] = '$GLOBALS["Now"]-1*24*60*60'; //7 days
$FmtPV['$MonthAgo'] = '$GLOBALS["Now"]-5*24*60*60';  //month as 30 days

I expect it's something my side so I'll play some more before asking
more questions.

Thanks guys,

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