[pmwiki-users] Highlight pagelist search results based on time thresholds

stevecrisp at gmail.com stevecrisp at gmail.com
Sun Jul 13 13:00:52 CDT 2008


2008/7/13  <stevecrisp at gmail.com>:
> On yours Peter I get the elseif syntax on Wiki page so perhaps these
> things need to be on one line and copy/paste from your email is not
> quite good enough.

As above it was an issue introduced by copying/pasting from your email
(I expect a missing space?).  I've used Hans' block colouring on mine
and have yours working my end now.  For completeness this is what I'm


A simple bullet list of page names. Colored %red%red%% if within last
7 days, %blue%blue%% if within last 30 days, %green%green%% if older.

(:if date {(ftime "%Y-%m-%d" "-1 days")}..{(ftime "%Y-%m-%d")} {(ftime
"%Y-%m-%d" "{=$LastModifiedYMD}")}:)>>bgcolor=#fcc<<
(:elseif date {(ftime "%Y-%m-%d" "-30 days")}..{(ftime "%Y-%m-%d")}
{(ftime "%Y-%m-%d" @{=$LastModifiedU})}:)>>bgcolor=#fed<<
* [[{=$FullName}]] {=$LastModified}

I'm off now to work out Hans' solution so I can compare the two.

Thanks for your help with this,

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