[pmwiki-users] Captchas in core? (was: pmform captchas bypassed on thinkhost.com)

ben at interdependentweb.com ben at interdependentweb.com
Mon Jul 14 09:48:44 CDT 2008

> Patrick R. Michaud wrote:
> I see three possible solutions to this:
> 1.  Make Captcha part of the core, with Site.EditForm preconfigured to
>     display a captcha whenever $EnablePostRequiresCaptcha is set.
> 2.  Leave Captcha as a recipe, but modify the distributed Site.EditForm
>     to display a captcha whenever $EnablePostRequiresCaptcha is set.
> 3.  Provide a Site.EditForm with the Captcha recipe, and instructions
>     to tell an admin how to configure it into the system (this actually
>     may be the status quo).

I vote for #1.  I have more than a dozen PmWiki sites, and I have had to
manually add captchas to each one in turn as spammers have discovered
them.  Most of these sites require logins to edit pages, but they then use
PmForm or ZAP for email forms, message boxes, etc. that work when not
logged in.  Sooner or later, each of these forms has been discovered and
spammed mercilessly.  As soon as I install Captcha (properly), the
spamming stops.  I will no longer install PmWiki without Captcha, so IMHO
it belongs in core.  :-)

Thanks, Pm.
Ben Stallings
Interdependent Web

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